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Vessels / Carboy Closure

Micro through Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers several innovative closure options. EZ Top® container closures provide an aseptic seal for handling highly sensitive fluids.  It can be easily retrofit to existing glass & plastic carboys, glass solution, media bottles & stainless steel vessels; they also come standard on several products in our Bio-Simplex® product line. We also make silicone stoppers, a better alternative to rubber or neoprene for critical applications.

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EZclear Carboy

The Foxx Life Sciences Copolyester Carboy is made from clear, BPA-free, USP Class VI, FDA Grade resin. Suitable for aqueous solutions and most life sciences buffer solutions.

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Teras Turbine

The TerasTurbine has 4 mixing modes. Top Anaerobic, Top Anaerobic, Full Mixing & Bottom Mixing.

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Spinner Flask Accessories

Bio-Simplex Spinner Flask Accessories feature the EZ Top Assembly and Cap.

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Bio-Simplex Carboy Closure Systems

The Bio-Simplex™ Carboy Closure System features an EZ Top® Closure Assembly made from C-Flex® pharmaceutical grade resin & tubing.

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Erlenmeyer Flask Systems

Bio-Simplex Erlenmeyer Flask Systems feature the Closure Assembly, flask & cap.

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Sampling Manifold System

Bio-Simplex Sampling Manifold Systems feature the Bio-Simplex Closure Assembly

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Sterile Bottle Assembly Systems

Bio-Simplex Sterile Bottle Assembly Systems come in sizes from 60ml to 2lt & feature the EZ Top Closure Filter, C-Flex Tubing, Bottle & Cap.

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Tubing End Assemblies

Bio-Simplex Tubing End Assemblies

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Critical Process Vessels

Superior performance for your demanding applications